The Hit List
I guess you wonder why you are always told to hit any key while using your computer. Why not the A key, or the K key, or even the Q key. I checked into this and found out why. The panel today has discovered why this is so. 
When trying to figure out where the any key is, you hit any key out of frustration. Thus, the reason why the any key gets hit. I know...this doesn't make any sense.
A Pug
Today's Compu-toon reflects on the current fade of taking a selfie. Anyone with a picture phone have played around with this. If you noticed, no one really cares how they look in a selfie. It is all about being together or capturing yourself in an odd moment. The act reminds me of those old photo booths at fairs and malls. So much for trying to capture that good side.
Oh...BTW. I love pug dogs.
The saga goes on with Irving, Delete and bullies. Since the beginning of time, bullying has been a problem. Irving is relying on Delete to help protect him from knuckle sandwiches and wedgies. In today's panel the neighborhood troublemaker is trying to size up the opposition to make sure his terror continues.
Pen And Paper
Have you had that moment where you are so involved in your android or iPhone that you begin to wonder if you still know how to use pen and paper? I am sure some of you have. Today's Compu-toon expresses that feeling. We, as a species, have to go beyond the need of something in order to feel in command. If that makes sense.
Hope you are enjoying your 4th weekend.
A Mouthful
As you can see in today's panel, Irving and Delete means business when it come to bullies. Delete is having a picnic. This episode of bullying is influenced by the rapid increase of it on the Internet and in our neighborhoods. If only there were more than one Delete to solve the problem.
Smart Again...
Anyone who is over thirty-five should be able to relate to today's Compu-toon. It is a given that a younger person knows more about computer gadgets than an older person. At least, that used to be how people thought years ago. Irma still seems to think this way. 
We all now know that age has very little to do with how one comprehends this digital adventure. No one knows where technology is taken us, but it seems we are all willing to go there. So we all should stay smart and learn as much as you can.