I was stunned recently about how intelligent these audio systems are getting. Especially in the business sector. I was checking on my phone bill the other day and I entered their audio customer service layout and was impressed on how sharp the audio voice was. I almost found myself holding a true conversation with it. Don't get me wrong...I still prefer people.
Are you one of those people who have a hard time finding their holiday spirit? Today's panel should give you hope in your search. Murphy feels inspired.
Brick and Mortar
Sometimes I over hear conversations that I am not involved in and I can get ideas for Compu-toon that turns out to be a hit. Today's panel is based on a conversation I heard at a grocery store between to women who appear to be close friends. It was a serious talk about the upcoming shopping season. One of the women turned to the other and said "Have you ever been to one of them brick and mortar stores?" I almost ran into a grocery display laughing so hard. No one noticed my escapade for I was low-keyed about it. It made my day.
I have been finding it hard to engage in a productive conversation. Have you notice how scarce it is to find a conversation where you feel like you are giving and receiving at the same time? People are getting so involved in the robotic way of communicating that they have forgotten how a real true conversation is conducted. In today's panel, Murphy is displeased with his new laptop because it doesn't holdup it's end of a good talk.
Here's to the art of talking. Let's bring it Back.