Today's panel is a pickup from a few years again. It really holds true today for the skills and knowledge of workers today are inferior to those abroad. The educational scene of the latest technology is very poor in North America compared to the skill levels of countries overseas. It is still widening. This is not good.
Recently I have been helping in a fundraising campaign that is being conducted online. It can be a whole new world when asking for money. In this case, the response is not that good. I think people need to see you go through the begging process before they feel you are worthy of their donation.
I don't have Skype so I guess if this doesn't work it's the street corners.
You may see me at your intersection.
Do you sometimes think you are targeted and labeled when you view your spam? We all know that the digital world is slowly building a profile of you by noticing where you go while you are online and other electronic activities. 
It's like there is a target somewhere on you.
It would be great if we all learned how to extend ourselves outside our boxes. Go beyond the norm. Do what Delete did...befriend something or someone that you normally have no connection with. You would be surprised how widespread your world will get.
Give it a try.
I am sure we have all at one time or another did a search on ourselves to see what is being said about us. In the earlier stages of this technical adventure, it was fun and cool. Now it is scary and dangerous.  It is like having your life flash right in front of you with everyone looking. Privacy laws are out the window and not being paid much attention too. Let's go back to the telephone book that requires only your name, your present address, and phone number.