I often think about how we are made-up and what our body does to keep us going. I was reading an article on the human brain and how little of it we use. There was a section about dreams and what happens when we do. I always feel very energetic and refreshed after a positive dream. It is an unusual feeling. The panel today brings this awakening into the digital age.
Pleasant dreams.
It looks like without any fanfare our cape crusaders ran the bully out of town. For now, it is calm on the western front. There will always be negative elements around so we should all get used to them. They are not going anywhere. Irving feels victorious for the moment.
The Bow-Wow App Caper
Irving and Delete are still working on their plan to combat bullying. In the meantime, they like to enjoy the moment by taking a few selfies. You never know if proof is needed to show that they existed if they don't survive their private war on intimidating. Here's to our cape crusaders. SMILE!
It seems our little rebel and his side kick is concentrating on practice drills to be ready for other possible bullying encounters. They want to be prepared to face any obstacles that may come their way. Some things are skipped over to avoid discomfort.
The Protector
Today's Compu-toon has Irving in an unusual situation. The source he was depending on to keep him safe from bullying is not as reliable as he had hope. It just goes to show that no matter how well of a plan you may construct, there is always a weak link somewhere. Find out what Irving's weak link is.

It seems our little crusader is gathering proof about the problems he is facing with bullying. Today's panel hopes to encourage anyone who is experiencing bully to find a way to prove that you are going through this and show it to the proper people who will be able to help. This could be online or off. 
Do not let bullying win over you. Show them up.