I am sure we have all at one time or another did a search on ourselves to see what is being said about us. In the earlier stages of this technical adventure, it was fun and cool. Now it is scary and dangerous.  It is like having your life flash right in front of you with everyone looking. Privacy laws are out the window and not being paid much attention too. Let's go back to the telephone book that requires only your name, your present address, and phone number.
I am always amazed at how fast we are able to communicate these days. It is also very scary. We all witnessed the massive power of communicating while following historical events like President Obama's first year presidential race... how social media is able to take an account and spread it from one end of the globe and move it to the other. 
Today's panel made me think of how it could affect the lives of snow creatures.
Why Am I Looking At This?
You are sitting on the edge of your seat with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn getting ready to enjoy a movie presented by a television program. Then you realize...something is wrong here. That same movie is in your DVD collections over in the corner next to the bookcase. You ask yourself "Why am I looking at this?" 
Have this happened to you? The oddest thing of all is we will still sit there and view the whole movie like it was a new release.