Black History Month and the 20th Anniversary of Compu-toon

Syndicated cartoonist Charles Boyce gives a voice to a funny group of colorful characters. They come to life with the help of a pen, pad and a computer, and now he's sharing his skills with a new generation of young artists.

The Rescue
No matter how much you try to visualize the outcome of something, it never pans out the way you think it will. The concept today stems from that frame of thinking. Some of us may have the gift of being able to see how a situation may end up but being exact is controlled by higher hands. It seems the castaways has a chance of being rescued but we all know that will never happen. The episodes would be finished if that was the case. We love seeing them analyzing their conditions.
I am always drawn to the news reports about the various drones that will soon be infesting our skies and air waves. You can get entertained by how the parcel services like FedEx and UPS have ways of tracking a package all over the world and that little electronic pad they hand you to sign your name.
I have not digested any of these digital procedures yet and now here comes the Drones.
Today's panel should land a smile.

Game Over
If you are familiar with Flappy Bird, the computer game that has been in the news lately, then you should appreciate today's Compu-Toon. At first, I was not sure what it was so I googled it and also asked people who plays it. It is very very additive. When I asked one person who I knew played it, he looked up at me with glaring eyes and a tremble in his voice and said "Stay away from's habit forming".
I didn't know whether to laugh or take him seriously. turns out the game is so addictive, the company that makes it had to pull it from store shelves. There is something to learn from this. 
Habits are hard to break.
Channel Surfing
Today's panel is a rework from a previous joke on channel surfing. Navigating through the maze of choices on cable TV can be a major challenge. My wife is a Comcast customer and has learned how to maneuver the buttons on the remote supplied by the company. I was shock watching her go at it knowing she is not very savvy with computers. 
I won't let her know that she has left me in the dust when it comes to working those menus. I just sit there and grin and act like it's a piece of cake. 
To this day...I still get up and turn the TV on by hand most of the time.
Getting A Boost
One of the most memorable changes we witness during the digital age was going wireless. Although the science of it has been introduced, we still rely on old school when trying to improve what we are enjoying. I personally have seen new and improved way of doing things being supported by out-of-date procedures and equipment. I think it has to do with being complacent.