Are You Uncertain About Some Of Your Emails You Sent?

Today's Compu-toon will probably connect with a lot of users. If you are in a conversation in real time and  trying to make a point, a word or two may be spoken incorrectly. You then have the opportunity to correct it on the spot but not in a sent email. You wish you could crawl up into the cable wires and try to retrieve it. Time passes by and you forget about it until the recipient replies and chews you out for the remarks. If you are not certain about all of your emails, you may want to wait until technology improves this problem.

How Reliable Is Your Package Delivery Service?

They can be so unpredictable. That is why my expectation is so low whenever I need to send something of importance. It is still hard for me to imagine how so many packages can be moved globally from place to place and they all reach their destination. The Compu-toon today makes you think if the pony express era is still in place.