Cooking With Technology

Today's Compu-toon is an old panel used several years ago. I have a niece who is studying culinary and I thought I would run this as a support to her studies. It's been said in the industry you can taste the readiness of spaghetti by throwing a few strings against the wall.

How Controlled Are You Over Your Remote?

There have been many times when I'm standing right in front of the tv with the remote control in one hand and without thinking I turn on the tv using the on and off button. I never hear the end of it from family members in the vicinity..."Why didn't you use the remote!!?".

What Good Is A Fax Without Paper?

The type of fax machine I have at home requires the paper roll kind. I feel more secure with the roll. Maybe this is what our deserted friends should of had in todays Compu-toon.

Do The Automated Lanes Serve You Well?

At first I thought these automated checkout lanes would be a big success. I now wonder about their longevity. Whenever I go shopping and I don't have a lot, I find them useful. They need to be studied more to see how to draw more users. Time will tell.
Check you later.

Apps Can Be Confusing.

Whenever I recognize a new App, I try not to pay attention to it. Like the scenario in todays panel, they can really cause some strange reactions.

Are You In Control Of Your Hand Devices?

Todays Compu-toon shows what can happen if you are over saturated in ways to communication. I'm sure we can all relate.