Have You Been Looking For Your Best Side Lately?

This guy is really looking for his best side.

I can remember the time if someone would ask me "which is your best side?"
... I would immediately respond. NOT anymore. My best side days or little and far apart.
I was at an important gathering a few days ago and everyone had their camera phones out and pointing them all over the place. The ham in me tried to strike poses that I though were projecting my good/best side.
I think my best side was incognito that day for all the pictures I saw didn't resemble what I thought my best side looked like. I don't think these new camera phones have the capabilities to find it.
They may need a special chip.


I really believe that a large percent of working with your computer stems from being psyched out. We are living in an odd and adventurous time and the way we communicate is slowly being altered which makes us approach how we think and react differently than the way we used to even five years ago.
Everytime I seat down in front of my computer I have to go through a metamorphosis to feel capable and productive.
The idea of reversing the process made me come up with todays comic panel.

Do You Feel Abandon By Technology?


I sometime feel like I'm on an island with no kind of way to comfortably communicate. The two castaways that appears periodically in the strip reflects my solitude side.
One of the worst experience is not getting immediate reaction from a tech team to help troubleshoot a
tech problem. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to reach someone who knows what the problem is. You begin to wonder if its worth it.
I'm sure Gilligan didn't have this problem.

Are You A Rabbit Ears Die Hard User?

                The Rabbit Ears

I'm still a rabbit ears user. We went the way of the converter box instead of going out and purchasing   
a HD television. There truly is no big difference in how the signal reaches the tv, but the picture is better. I find that having cable or any other carrier providers is a waste of money. I've been working the rabbit ears theme in the strip for a while now. There's something about them that I find humorous and meaningful at the same time.
Here's to rabbit ears everywhere.

Are You A Terrible Loser To Digital Games?

I find it hard not to show emotion when I lose a game to any computer. I always think the system is programmed to beat you no matter what your skill level is.
I must win is my motto.

Are You Hooked On Your Tech Gadgets?

I don't want to believe that I can't live without my emails, blogs, social sites and games that I might run across. I want to think that I can stop any time I desire.
Who am I fooling.
I can set in front of a screen for hours and literally lose all sense of time. It's embarrassing. With curiosity and inquiry being so much a part of our makeup, we are designed to get hooked. We're fish with legs.
So sooner or later you will take the bait.
Bon app├ętit.

Firewall Is Such A Scary Sound.

Whenever I think of the computer system program "Firewall",  I start looking around for a hose or something to help keep it under control. I have this vivid imagination and begin to think about how identity thieves can pole vault over them to do their dastardly deeds.
I love watching track and field events and it's amazing how much science plays into events like pole vaulting. I was watching it last night....that's how todays panel came about.
If I ever see pole vaulting demonstrations being done at Best Buys, I think that's when we should all start worrying.

Are We Over Doing It When It Comes To Communication?

In drawing up todays Compu-Toon panel, I can recall back in the day how the only way to get any important message out was through the grapevine. The source of the "grapevine" was word of mouth. Whatever you put out there it spread like wildfire.
What happened to that grapevine? Did it wither away? It was so dependable. Now we have gadgets to move things along. Nothing is juicy and gossipy anymore.
Farewell grapevine.

Does Instant Messages Make Your Time Go Faster?

Ever so often I will receive an instant message from a friend or close relative. I always feel inadequate when answering it for I'm a two finger typist. To make them think I'm smooth with it, I pretend like I'm doing other things like multi-tasking which is causing me to not be quick to reply. It does work.