Are you one of those people who have a hard time finding their holiday spirit? Today's panel should give you hope in your search. Murphy feels inspired.
Brick and Mortar
Sometimes I over hear conversations that I am not involved in and I can get ideas for Compu-toon that turns out to be a hit. Today's panel is based on a conversation I heard at a grocery store between to women who appear to be close friends. It was a serious talk about the upcoming shopping season. One of the women turned to the other and said "Have you ever been to one of them brick and mortar stores?" I almost ran into a grocery display laughing so hard. No one noticed my escapade for I was low-keyed about it. It made my day.
I have been finding it hard to engage in a productive conversation. Have you notice how scarce it is to find a conversation where you feel like you are giving and receiving at the same time? People are getting so involved in the robotic way of communicating that they have forgotten how a real true conversation is conducted. In today's panel, Murphy is displeased with his new laptop because it doesn't holdup it's end of a good talk.
Here's to the art of talking. Let's bring it Back.

What if your skyping was seen by more people than you think? Today's panel perked the possibility of that happening on a large scale. I have never skyped, but I am sure if I did I would be very uncomfortable knowing the whole country was listening and watching everything. I am sure the networking is there to make this happen.
I often think about how we are made-up and what our body does to keep us going. I was reading an article on the human brain and how little of it we use. There was a section about dreams and what happens when we do. I always feel very energetic and refreshed after a positive dream. It is an unusual feeling. The panel today brings this awakening into the digital age.
Pleasant dreams.
It looks like without any fanfare our cape crusaders ran the bully out of town. For now, it is calm on the western front. There will always be negative elements around so we should all get used to them. They are not going anywhere. Irving feels victorious for the moment.
The Bow-Wow App Caper
Irving and Delete are still working on their plan to combat bullying. In the meantime, they like to enjoy the moment by taking a few selfies. You never know if proof is needed to show that they existed if they don't survive their private war on intimidating. Here's to our cape crusaders. SMILE!
It seems our little rebel and his side kick is concentrating on practice drills to be ready for other possible bullying encounters. They want to be prepared to face any obstacles that may come their way. Some things are skipped over to avoid discomfort.
The Protector
Today's Compu-toon has Irving in an unusual situation. The source he was depending on to keep him safe from bullying is not as reliable as he had hope. It just goes to show that no matter how well of a plan you may construct, there is always a weak link somewhere. Find out what Irving's weak link is.

It seems our little crusader is gathering proof about the problems he is facing with bullying. Today's panel hopes to encourage anyone who is experiencing bully to find a way to prove that you are going through this and show it to the proper people who will be able to help. This could be online or off. 
Do not let bullying win over you. Show them up.
Usernames & Passwords
 Two of the most controlling elements today. Anytime you have to access things that are important to you, these two guys always show up. I'm waiting for the moment to arrive when I go to a public restroom and I am asked for them there. Although, I am suppose to have all of this info put away somewhere, I need a password to find out where I placed them. I went through a scary moment a few days ago when my computer crashed and I lost all of my files. It was not a fun moment. 
Because of my local networking connection, I found a place nearby that was able to recover everything. I couldn't believe it. These guys were great.
I am more adamant at backing up things now.
Have We Met?
I am sure you have experienced being in a gathering somewhere and someone approaches you and say "Have We Met?...I overheard you mentioning your name and it sounds familiar". You realize they are someone you connected with while on the Internet. You feel the need to communicate but nothing is there. The virtual world is confusing our real world. Maybe that's why the poke function exist...to remind us of this.
Split Personalities
It would be great if technology helped us in our inner recognitions. What if we could capture images of our different moods and personalities? It could help us learn more about ourselves. In a sense, I have several personalities I would love to get to know. Today's panel finds the humor in it all.
People still have trouble understanding how to use the email function. They better hurry up. Other forms of communicating is building and email, as we know it, will soon be obsolete. Texting has already stolen the show. Our character in today's Compu-toon has no clue and is totally lost in the world around him. Somebody better email him and tell him to catch up. Make sure he replies.
Drag & Drop
Do you ever get the feeling you are being moved around without your permission? You are involved in one thing, and all of a sudden you find yourself doing something else, and you have no idea how you got there. It happens to me a lot. You don't have to be computer savvy to experience this.
Simon finds himself in this predicament in today's panel.
I have been zeroing in on the topic communication lately and how society is changing drastically in that department. Remember the movie "The Time Machine" with Rod Taylor? The machine takes Taylor way into the future and he ends up in a culture where everyone is walking around like zombies and  governed by a loud horn sound. It was only when Taylor came within their midst that they started talking among themselves. They were puzzled who was the strange visitor.
Are we becoming zombies? There are fewer conversations being held among us because we are so involved with our andriods and cell phones. I can see that society that Taylor visited becoming a reality. Let's talk more.
Simon has been texting so long he is startled when he is approached directly in a conversation. The strip keeps going back to the evolution of how we are gradually moving from person to person to digital relationships. Compu-toon is truly helping us to stay abreast of the changes and how we are reacting to them. My wife, who is not that crazy about computers, is showing signs of addiction toward texting. This is scary.
Even though my profession is about things being funny, today's topic is a serious matter...Parenting. We all benefit if everyone got involved with helping to guide and support our youth. You do not have to be a blood relative just a concerned adult when the need arise to offer good advice and suggestions to a youth who is uncertain about a challenge that's placed in front of him. Technology has helped out a lot in letting us know where the ones we love are, but what about where they are not.
Thus today's panel.

I was watching a local news program and one of their stories was about an app that could give off a harmful sound and kill mosquitoes. There are other concepts being worked on to do other for fetch ideas. I somehow thought of attitudes and only if we could control them. 
The panel today has that idea displayed in the workplace.  If only we could control our bosses, spouses or our enemies. What a thought.
The Hit List
I guess you wonder why you are always told to hit any key while using your computer. Why not the A key, or the K key, or even the Q key. I checked into this and found out why. The panel today has discovered why this is so. 
When trying to figure out where the any key is, you hit any key out of frustration. Thus, the reason why the any key gets hit. I know...this doesn't make any sense.
A Pug
Today's Compu-toon reflects on the current fade of taking a selfie. Anyone with a picture phone have played around with this. If you noticed, no one really cares how they look in a selfie. It is all about being together or capturing yourself in an odd moment. The act reminds me of those old photo booths at fairs and malls. So much for trying to capture that good side.
Oh...BTW. I love pug dogs.
The saga goes on with Irving, Delete and bullies. Since the beginning of time, bullying has been a problem. Irving is relying on Delete to help protect him from knuckle sandwiches and wedgies. In today's panel the neighborhood troublemaker is trying to size up the opposition to make sure his terror continues.
Pen And Paper
Have you had that moment where you are so involved in your android or iPhone that you begin to wonder if you still know how to use pen and paper? I am sure some of you have. Today's Compu-toon expresses that feeling. We, as a species, have to go beyond the need of something in order to feel in command. If that makes sense.
Hope you are enjoying your 4th weekend.
A Mouthful
As you can see in today's panel, Irving and Delete means business when it come to bullies. Delete is having a picnic. This episode of bullying is influenced by the rapid increase of it on the Internet and in our neighborhoods. If only there were more than one Delete to solve the problem.
Smart Again...
Anyone who is over thirty-five should be able to relate to today's Compu-toon. It is a given that a younger person knows more about computer gadgets than an older person. At least, that used to be how people thought years ago. Irma still seems to think this way. 
We all now know that age has very little to do with how one comprehends this digital adventure. No one knows where technology is taken us, but it seems we are all willing to go there. So we all should stay smart and learn as much as you can.
You ever been mistaken for something that you are not? I know I have. It seems Delete is experiencing this in today's panel. Irving is constantly trying to cater to the big guy's every need since he helps him take care of the bully problems. Keep an eye on the panel to see what kind of bully problems they get into.
Just For Fun
I would imagine hanging around on a deserted island can cause one to create fun. This is what one of the castaways did to brake the boredom. If you notice, he is always the one trying to figure out how to get off the island. The other one just sits there and observes.
Which one are you? The doer or the observer?
School's  End...
In today's panel, Irving is concerned that Delete will not have enough bullies to do whatever he does with them. He doesn't want boredom to set in. Knowing Irving, he is probably thinking about special ordering some. Stay tune.
Time Off
Do you ever wonder what those passwords do on their time off. I know it's trivial but curious. Today's panel is stretching the possibilities and it is fun to analyze it.
Everything needs a little R & R.
Unwanted Text
I am sure we have all sent a text or two that doesn't really express our true feelings. In today's panel, Irma is trying to explain to her recipient the text she sent is half true. If only there was a way to alter a text during its transmitting. There would be a lot of mind changing in mid air.
The Twitch...
I am sure we all can relate to today's panel. It is almost like dodge ball while you are roaming the world wide web. You never know how you are going to get hit. You have to prepare yourself.

Irma's View
Having been raised with several sisters when I was small, I tend to be partial to the contributions women bring to the table. My character Irma was molded around one of my oldest sisters, Irma Goodman. I am not sure why her personality came up while I was creating the character but I am glad it did. My other sisters were blessed with great personalities too. In today's panel, she is projecting her opinion about the state of how things would be if women were included more. 
Thanks Irma for being you.
Whatever man invents or create, there is a wear and tear policy to go with it. Things wear down and needs to be replace. There are times when improvements are forced upon us and things can become very annoying. Upgrading is an operational standard that insist on making our computer devices better.
Sometimes it helps and sometimes it hinders. Your system may not be in need of an upgrade yet. It still feel smart.
A day honoring Mothers provoked me to think of how technology can be affected. The term motherboard continues to pop up whenever the theme mother is pondered.
Have a blessed memorable day.

Cursive Writing
PBS is constantly keeping the problem out front of how cursive writing is getting lost in today's mix. People don't use cursive writing enough... especially young people. Some know how but just don't use it. Today's Compu-toon is trying to show support in getting the younger minds among us to go back to a writing form that has been the source of communication since we all can remember.
Out of all the computer functions, the send button scares me the most. I am very protective of whatever I write and would like to coach it to its destination. It is almost like my message is on training wheels and I am running along side it to keep it going in the right direction. Soon...I will have to release it. Then in comes the send button, which I have no control over. 
Delete's Site
Irving is still trying to convince Delete that social media is the way to go. The over sized charming spirit of Delete continues to show interest into what is being said.
My Phone
I find watching the TV program COPS to be entertaining. I do wish people would not get themselves in those situations. There was an episode where an officer was asking a person if the phone he found on him was his. An Abbott and Costello dialogue was started when the person said it's an IPhone. The officer said yes but is it yours? You get the idea. I thought I would pull a joke out of this and I did for today's panel.
Another moment with Irving and Delete. It seems a facebook page has been started for the big guy and it is wondering if having a cat friend is okay. From the look on Delete's face, I don't think he favors it. He has a big heart so you never know.
Friendships in dog years are more solid than humans.
Remember those flip phones? The cell phone I did own at one time was a flip one. I thought they were cool. I felt like a secret service agent when closing out a conversation and flipping it closed. Since you can't slam a phone down anymore like you could with the rotary, the flip phone was the only one that gave you the feeling of victory after an angry conversation. You could flip the party off.
Our castaway friend is feeling that moment.
There are so many ways to hold a conversation we do not know how to actually communicate anymore. It is like a kid in a candy store. We want to try everything and in the process lose touch with everyone. There should be better regulations on how many digital tools we should be allowed to have to talk to each other. You would be able to get hold of a person faster if they had one line. I think eventually people will get tired of all the options and go back to basics.
Wishful thinking.

That Arrow Guy
The lady in today's panel most have been very impressed with the service she was getting online from the arrow guy. So much so, she thought she could get the same kind of attention in person. I am sure we can all relate to having that ideal customer service relationship.
Next Please!

Black History Month and the 20th Anniversary of Compu-toon

Syndicated cartoonist Charles Boyce gives a voice to a funny group of colorful characters. They come to life with the help of a pen, pad and a computer, and now he's sharing his skills with a new generation of young artists.

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/making-a-difference#ixzz2uWbHjvr9
The Rescue
No matter how much you try to visualize the outcome of something, it never pans out the way you think it will. The concept today stems from that frame of thinking. Some of us may have the gift of being able to see how a situation may end up but being exact is controlled by higher hands. It seems the castaways has a chance of being rescued but we all know that will never happen. The episodes would be finished if that was the case. We love seeing them analyzing their conditions. 
I am always drawn to the news reports about the various drones that will soon be infesting our skies and air waves. You can get entertained by how the parcel services like FedEx and UPS have ways of tracking a package all over the world and that little electronic pad they hand you to sign your name.
I have not digested any of these digital procedures yet and now here comes the Drones.
Today's panel should land a smile.

Game Over
If you are familiar with Flappy Bird, the computer game that has been in the news lately, then you should appreciate today's Compu-Toon. At first, I was not sure what it was so I googled it and also asked people who plays it. It is very very additive. When I asked one person who I knew played it, he looked up at me with glaring eyes and a tremble in his voice and said "Stay away from it...it's habit forming".
I didn't know whether to laugh or take him seriously. Well...it turns out the game is so addictive, the company that makes it had to pull it from store shelves. There is something to learn from this. 
Habits are hard to break.
Channel Surfing
Today's panel is a rework from a previous joke on channel surfing. Navigating through the maze of choices on cable TV can be a major challenge. My wife is a Comcast customer and has learned how to maneuver the buttons on the remote supplied by the company. I was shock watching her go at it knowing she is not very savvy with computers. 
I won't let her know that she has left me in the dust when it comes to working those menus. I just sit there and grin and act like it's a piece of cake. 
To this day...I still get up and turn the TV on by hand most of the time.
Getting A Boost
One of the most memorable changes we witness during the digital age was going wireless. Although the science of it has been introduced, we still rely on old school when trying to improve what we are enjoying. I personally have seen new and improved way of doing things being supported by out-of-date procedures and equipment. I think it has to do with being complacent.
The world of bodybuilding is fascinating. The ideal concept of what we should look like prompt me to see how Murphy would work react to all this. Like most, he would like the results but not the effort it takes to get there. Today's Compu-Toon.

It's An "E" Thing...
The E-cigarette is back in the news again. It started me thinking about if other products would get into the business of the "E". I remember the days when I tried to smoke and I emphasize the word try. A pack of cigarettes would last me months. This was when I was in the service exploring life and my curiosity.  I smoked only for the light buzz I would feel. 
People like to look cool as they do things. It is just how we are, especially during our teenage years. It would be only natural to follow all of this with an E-beer. Thus today's panel.
The Heart
There is nothing more dearer than to see a boy and his dog greeting each other after a long separation. The series of emotional reconnection of military personnel and their families that is often in the news made me come up with today's panel. Any form of a hug is good for the heart. I am waiting for an app to replace this encounter. After all, we have learned how to "like" electronically.