Your Computer Is Limited
What brought on the idea for today's panel is the coming to grips that the computer is limited. There are certain things you still won't find the answers you've been looking for. What is Love? What does GOD look like? Where's that needle in the haystack?
Certain knowledge is not to be.

Is Your Smartphone Smarter Than You?
There is a reason the industry that created the smartphone gave it such an intimidating name. They know the average person will feel swamped in the intellect category. There should be some kind of warning on the package indicating the IQ levels it is targeting. That way it would be a fair game.
How Does Technology Embrace Your Friends?
It may sound strange, but I truly think enjoying a good conversation with an old friend comes off better when using old technology like a landline rotary phone. It sets the feel of a conversation about the good old days. It's like listening to old tunes on an old radio. Today's Compu-toon expresses this.

Are You State Of The Art?
We would all like to be creative. Be able to draw like Michelangelo. throws a wrench into most pipe dreams. With the help of digitalization, who knows where your talent will lead you.
Just don't give up your day job.

Funny Phrases
There are certain terms or phrases we hear everyday that has immediate humorous connotations. Today's Compu-toon captured one of them. There are several others that stands out as well. I hope I can find the time to do a pamphlet on a collection someday. In the meantime, "keep your nose to the grindstone."

Is Your Landline Still Active?
Ever since I was a kid I have always dreaded changes. I always wanted things to stay the same. I just recently learned that changes is a must and we need to adjust to it. My stubborn personality tends  to reactivate my childhood feelings when it comes to adapting to  changes technology keeps forcing on us. 
This is why I refuse to give up my landline phone. It serves me well. Why change? It is just a matter of time before it ends up in storage like the rabbit ears.
How Innovative Are You When Starting From Scratch?
The today's Compu-toon is somewhat confusing if you do not know the history of the strip. I often like to bring out the two castaways to remind us how dependable we have become on technology and how we would react if we didn't have it around. 
The challenges the two castaways face brings out the humor that is reflected in every panel.

Are You A Microwave Or A Toaster Type Of A Person?
I'm still leery when using a microwave. Anything that produce waves that you can't see with the naked eye is scary to me. At least with a toaster you are getting true even flow of harmless electricity.
Do Your Computer Support Your Disabilities?
I'm sure we were all amazed at how technology played a big part in this past summer Olympics. It is great to see the performance of a human body excel with the help of technical ingenuity. The Compu-toon's character today  forgot that his ability was not all on his own. We all need support in someway or another.  
Texting And Driving
I have worked on several safety campaigns about texting and driving over the years with The KeyPad Kid Project and have noticed lately certain people still don't get it. It seems certain ones think they truly  can do more than one thing at a time. Today's panel sparked the idea of a phone or texting device to blow up if you try and use it while driving. If only this concept could be safely implemented.
An upgrade I would welcome.
It's Labor Day
In producing today's panel, I was reflecting on Labor Day. A day set aside to honor all workers. The present economic condition is also projected by showing the frustration in the character. Let's bring on positive thinking to help redirect good results.

Are You Allergic To Technology?
The concept of today's panel is something a lot of people can relate. Especially office workers. How they use toner today may be a little different compared to a few years ago. The humor just reminds us of how we allow technology to enter our world and make fun of us. I still get hives when I experience a pop-up ad.
Being Forced To Upgrade
I am always upset about being forced to change or as they put it "upgrade". Don't get me wrong. I believe in improvements and making things better but not as often as we are told. Let one procedure sauteed a little before removing it from the stove. I'm not sure why technology is so much in a hurry. Complacent is not that bad.
The Fork In The Road
Today's panel is a rework from a previous concept. The phrase a "fork in the road" in itself is a funny thing. I do remember when I was a kid and heard it I would wonder if there really was a fork out there. You can imagine my curiosity around every turn whenever I would ride with my dad along the back roads of Tennessee.
Do Your Browsing Of Thoughts Need Extra Room?
Today's panel calls on a reader to stretch their imagination. It's a thought provoking concept. Anyone knows you can't use another person's mind to think out your thoughts. Remember...this is a cartoon.

How Comfortable Are You When Talking On A Picture Phone?
Are you concerned about taking a snap-shot of your ear by mistake?
Could You Use A USB?
Today's panel shows our guys on the island talking about how one needs more space to continue to think about things. Being products of the digital age, one of them requested that the other act like a USB so he can continue his thoughts. To be able to think and not worry about memory space could produce many high intellect thinkers.
Something to think about.

How viral are you?

Do you find the need to viral something?

How Often Do You Screen Your Thoughts?

This Compu-toon was confusing to some readers when previewed before print. Once the screen concept was understood, it was a hit. Some humor asks a reader's comprehension to step outside the box.

Are Users Overrated?

Today's Compu-toon (4-7-12), is a redo of a panel created three years ago that never got fully printed. It stems from many moments when the call to tech support is found to be useless in finding nothing wrong with the computer.
The only other problem is the user. Bingo.

Are You Uncertain About Some Of Your Emails You Sent?

Today's Compu-toon will probably connect with a lot of users. If you are in a conversation in real time and  trying to make a point, a word or two may be spoken incorrectly. You then have the opportunity to correct it on the spot but not in a sent email. You wish you could crawl up into the cable wires and try to retrieve it. Time passes by and you forget about it until the recipient replies and chews you out for the remarks. If you are not certain about all of your emails, you may want to wait until technology improves this problem.

How Reliable Is Your Package Delivery Service?

They can be so unpredictable. That is why my expectation is so low whenever I need to send something of importance. It is still hard for me to imagine how so many packages can be moved globally from place to place and they all reach their destination. The Compu-toon today makes you think if the pony express era is still in place.

Cooking With Technology

Today's Compu-toon is an old panel used several years ago. I have a niece who is studying culinary and I thought I would run this as a support to her studies. It's been said in the industry you can taste the readiness of spaghetti by throwing a few strings against the wall.

How Controlled Are You Over Your Remote?

There have been many times when I'm standing right in front of the tv with the remote control in one hand and without thinking I turn on the tv using the on and off button. I never hear the end of it from family members in the vicinity..."Why didn't you use the remote!!?".

What Good Is A Fax Without Paper?

The type of fax machine I have at home requires the paper roll kind. I feel more secure with the roll. Maybe this is what our deserted friends should of had in todays Compu-toon.

Do The Automated Lanes Serve You Well?

At first I thought these automated checkout lanes would be a big success. I now wonder about their longevity. Whenever I go shopping and I don't have a lot, I find them useful. They need to be studied more to see how to draw more users. Time will tell.
Check you later.

Apps Can Be Confusing.

Whenever I recognize a new App, I try not to pay attention to it. Like the scenario in todays panel, they can really cause some strange reactions.

Are You In Control Of Your Hand Devices?

Todays Compu-toon shows what can happen if you are over saturated in ways to communication. I'm sure we can all relate.