I recently visited a local high school to talk to some very creative students about cartooning and the industry itself. To test the pulse of where their minds were, I first asked them "How many of you have ever used a telephone booth"? To my surprise, no one raised their hands. Well..part of me was surprised and part of me was not.
I try to imagine sometimes how the world was before the industrial revolution and do a mental comparison with today's digital age. I am sure there are striking resemblance.
One good thing is the meaning of Christmas has not changed. 
With all the buzz about selfies, it was just a matter of time before it would be included in a current panel. Being vain is a quality we all display by different degrees so this selfie phase has always been with us. We just gave it a name. 
There will be more tech functions and toys that will be coming our way. A Dick Tracy watch called "Smartwatch" has been the latest. The adventure continues.
The theme for today's comic panel is base on an actual encounter. I was at a local grocery store getting ready to checkout when I notice a short stubby man trying to get the attention of a clerk. He seemed upset and needed some answers. I overheard some of the conversation where he thought his groceries were misplaced. I then heard some complaints about Peapod, the Internet grocery shopper. I heard enough to LOL.
Drooling over the Drones
It is really hard to comprehend these things. Out of all the latest devices that have derived during this technical period, these drones are the most mind-blowing of all. When this science is truly perfect, can you imagine how busy the airwaves will be? Scary.
I wonder if they will be able to ring the door bell? 
The idea of trying to keep the old and make it work with the new intrigues me. I often try to see if my garage door opener can operate anything in the house or if any remote in the house can operate the garage. You never know until you try. The older couple in today's panel is probably just stubborned and refuse to update their TV model.
For some people, the rabbit ears are still working.
Here is to a happy and joyful Thanksgiving that will be full of great food and good conversations. Let's hope the latter is verbal and not one text is passed at the dinner table.
I have been thinking about updating my computer setup with a better way of communicating with friends and family. Looking at a visual as you are talking has always fascinated me. The two castaways in my panel crossed my mind and made me think of how they would act if they thought a new way to communicate had been discovered. Then it hit me...today's panel.
Irving and Delete are at it again. Confronting the menacing bully the high tech way. There are too many stories about bullying in the news today. Many of them ending in tragic and disbelief.
Let us hope we all learn how to recognize the warning signs and learn from them.
I am in the process of working with old memorable tapes and prints that have captured the yesteryear of my cartoon career. My goal is to create a montage of moments and have them put in a video/audio presentational format for the upcoming 20th anniversary celebration next year. 
Transporting these old things into today's usable new things is frustrating. There is a lot to be said on how this can be done with "no problem".
The world of technology has made us look at standard terms we have been using for years, and think of them differently. Bytes, like, motherboard and surfing are just a few to name. I still don't understand the reasoning behind the function "poke". The word alone makes you think of things.
The panel today emerged through all of this.
I was visiting a computer store the other day and noticed how the keyboards are being altered. It made me think of the uncertainty toward them. Thus today's panel.
Whenever I hear the word "landlines", I think of "landmines". It's the way my mind works. In this case, it can be symbolic. The old is blown up and the new is brought in. Personally, I still have my landline but I know eventually I will have to let it go. If only you could barricade yourself from technology.
Establishing Your Password
I am sure everyone can relate to today's panel about those security questions. In visiting the national health care web site, I was amazed at all of the twist and turns of it. The security questions to finalize your password tickled me the most. The experience gave me material to work with.
I still have to go back to the site for another visit. 

Today's Compu-toon makes you wonder if the castaway really knows what he has in hand. The strong desire to find a way to get off the island has given him false hope in his imagination.
At least he is constantly trying to find a way to get rescued. If you notice, the other castaway just sit and watch.
Are you a doer or a watcher?

We all know someone who brags about being online but only by talking about it. I think it has to do with making people think that they are computer savvy and knows the latest in the tech field. So much for projections.
The Backup
It is always good to have a backup. Something that has your back. This is how Irving feels in today's comic. Having Delete with him, gives him reassurance and comfort. Bring it on is his attitude. 
You can almost feel invincible with your backup.
The Touch
We all like to feel we have the touch when it comes to our electronic devices. The confidence of knowing your way around all functions and commands. The panel today shows what could happen to reassure us that being in control is mere fantasy. Going past the touch can enhance it.
What's In A Name?...
When Irving, the nephew to Simon, was introduced to the strip, I had know idea where I would be going with him. I needed a younger character to represent the youth and he fit the bill. Where there is a little boy there is a dog. A big dog in this case. Bullying and increased violence in neighborhoods are the reasons for creating Delete. There is a lot in a name.
Having An Option
Bullying will always be with us so we better learn how to handle it. We have all had some kind of encounter with bullies. Be it a person, item or a condition. Sometimes your support is not always around when a bully shows up. That is the challenge that can make you or brake you. Like a broken nose.
F.I.S.T. (Furious Idiots Sowing Tantrums)
Like everyone, I am fed up with all the violence infested in our communities. There doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. We are actually witnessing consequences that have derived from past generations wrongdoings. The products of poor parenting from decades is showing itself in our streets and online.
It's hard to poke fun at something so serious. Irving and his dog Delete helps put some light on these conditions for now. Nothing else seems to be working.

We often forget about the strength in believing. I personally think that even mechanical devices need us to believe in them. It gives them the determination to go the extra mile. Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood your computer devices work better. Having faith is the key.
Today's panel reflects a moment that may happen when you are around your computer and in-between projects and the computer monitor is looking back at you. You then wonder what it could be thinking. Something to think about.
Are we so into this friend thing on the Internet that we can't recognize them when they are standing right in front of us? I had people say to me "Remember me?...I befriended you on Facebook". It's a strange feeling to hear that and you don't know how to react. At least you know a friend is just a click away.

Being Followed?
The terms that are used on these social networking sites are hilarious. From poke to like, I have no trouble finding ideas for this comic panel. There are slow days and there are fast days. You have to stay on top of it and a few steps ahead to come up with that ideal humor.
Those footsteps are just jokes coming at you.

The Relationship
Whether we like to admit it or not, you are in a relationship when you depend on any type of electronic device. Lock...stock...and barrel. So imagine being separated from those gadgets for a long period of time.
You begin to think jealous thoughts.
Love is so complex.
The computer world is full of terms and descriptions that make you think about something else besides what you should be thinking about. Play of words. Ever since I have known about Fetch, a ftp site, a vision of myself as a boy playing fetch with my dog Rex comes to mind.
Thus today's panel.
Facts And Fictions
Since I have been involved in this cartoon profession, I have felt what a slight glow of fame is about. It has its good moments and bad moments. Reading what others say about you can cause you to look at yourself in a different light. 
I'm now at a point where you learn how to filter what you read and ignore the rest. It keeps you sane. Simon is exploring this in today's panel.

Are Your Bytes Bothersome?

I sometimes conjure up an idea for a joke that cause my readers to really stretch their thinking. This is one. There are many tech terms and parts that teases my imagination. Byte is one. I'm sure today's panel will shoot over or under some people's heads.


Charles Boyce's BLOG: Are You Protective Of Your Apps? For some reason, ...

Charles Boyce's BLOG: Are You Protective Of Your Apps?
For some reason, ...
: Are You Protective Of Your Apps? For some reason, I started thinking about old times and how things were when I was a kid. I remember a vis...
Are You Protective Of Your Apps?
For some reason, I started thinking about old times and how things were when I was a kid. I remember a visit at one of my Aunts and how all of her fancy furniture was covered with heavy clear plastic. If you wanted to sit down, you had to ask permission.
I thought how would that same Aunt handle today's computer gadgets. Would everything be under wrap? 
Thus today's panel.
Are You The Best At What You Do?
I often like to think that I am. But if you think about it, being the best can only last a short while for someone else will emerge as the best and that pattern will continue on and on. That is the thrill of it all. Seeing others become the best of what they do as well.

Finally The Cavalry Arrives...
But I don't understand a word it says. Must be a language barrier. We all have waited to be rescued, but only to find out there is a communication problem. Let's hope our castaways have a better outcome.
The History
There isn't much to say about today's Compu-toon. I deleted the history to it. Are did I? 
I'm not sure. There is no history I can go by.
Being Followed....
One day I was at Kohl's. I found everything I needed and went to the checkout line. It was crowded so there were uncertainty where the end of the line for checkout ended. It seems no one wanted to claim that they were the end of the line. 
There were suggestions by many sayings "you can go ahead...I do not mind." When I thought about it, it was great to see so much politeness going on. Then it came to me. No one likes to be followed. Thus today's panel.

Are You Challenged By New Apps?
Some of us adjust well to upgrades and new software and some of us do not. I'm one of those who do not. I think it has to do with a person's aptitude. In my case, I just don't like changes period. The desktop I'm writing this blog on has got to be at least 8 years and a few months old. Except for a few forceful upgrades, I have not added on anything new.
I think my inability to accept change stems back from my childhood. This way of thinking sparked today's Compu-toon.
If Only We Think Before We Text
I still can't see why people text so unnecessarily. I was on a commuter train when a young lady and a  preschooler sat in front of me. Out of the blue, she took out her phone and sent a text to the child. She held the viewer up to the kid's face and then read off what she just wrote. They both laughed out loud or should I say LOL.
Maybe there was a visual to it. I'm not sure. The concept for the panel today prompted the idea if only we could see what we will text before we do it. You might see it is not important and not do it. Just a thought.

How Is Your History?
A few weeks ago I came across an article asking if Black History Month should be ended. My answer for that is a definitive no.
There are too many layers of this group and culture that is unaccounted for, and the only way to keep that on a society's mind is to keep it out there in all learning forms. Every ethnic group should keep an eye on how history is written and to make sure it is told correctly. The world is getting smaller which makes it very important to know your fellow man better. The more you know of others the more you know of yourself.
How Flawless Is Your System?
The style of humor that reflects in today's panel comes from my dry humor side. It sometimes confuses my readers when I pick a nonsense idea and poke fun at it. Life is full of moments that doesn't make sense but humor somehow lingers around to liven it up. 
Have You Ever Point And Click And Your Computer Is Nowhere Around?
Habit forming things can stick with you for awhile. Today's Compu-toon idea stems from a real time experience I had while at my grocery store. I was really involved with my shopping when I started wondering about an event I was suppose to attend. I suddenly had the feeling to point and click in an effort to view my email. 
I don't own any of the handheld devices available to accomplish this so the desire was truly weird. I guess this is called a "point and click" withdrawal.
How Reliable Is Your GPS?
Being directionally challenged, you would think a person like me would have some sort of GPS in their car or on their person. Neither is the case for me. I usually use online map sites like Map Quest before I head out to a location I am uncertain about. Most of the time they are accurate.
I don't ask for directions anymore. My wife is happy about that.
Are You A Browser?
Being a species with the desire to wonder, it's a characteristic we will always have. One thing that perked this idea for today's Compu-toon is how my wife uses her laptop. Here I think when I see her off by herself pecking on the keyboard, she is doing some serious browsing or emailing. One day I decided to walk by her to see what has been holding her interest so long. To my surprise, she is heavily involved in a game of solitaire. 
I guess the urge of browsing skipped my wife somehow.
How Do You Like Your News? Slow or Fast?
Although I like my news fast, I don't want to be overwhelmed. Print is very important to me because it slows the intake of the news down a bit so you can absorb it better. I sometimes like to relish in what I am reading and that depends on the topic. From some kind of sports victory to a great achievement by someone I admire. Speed has its plays... just let me choose the speed limit.
What If You Could Smell Technology?
From recent articles and reports, it seems this science has been introduced. It hasn't been overwhelmingly accepted by the public yet. I guess because the product is still being explored. I'm not one to run out and try to get in line for the latest of anything. I'll wait until the scent, if any, reaches me. In the meantime, I'll keep my gas mask available.