Will Your Holidays Be Pop-Ups?

Although those ads and promotional pennants that shows up while using your computer are bothersome, they are needed. Until they find a better way to finance the use of the Internet, it will be like this for a while. So beware of spams and their friends.
Maybe if you included them in your gift giving they won't be so harsh in their displaying methods. Pop-up relatives are a lot like spams this time of year. Enjoy them and have a blessed and joyful Holiday Season.


Are you still infatuated with technology and what it has done to make things better and faster or are you less thrilled at all the new gadgets that are constantly bombarding our existence. As they say "you're only as good as your last turn at bat" and technology hasn't hit many home runs lately.
Don't get me wrong. I believe our lives have bettered since the chip but certain transitional periods are very annoying. Hopefully as things continue to develop we will see better results.

Do The Locations Of Some ATMs Concern You?

I truly believe the way things are going the ATMs will soon be a thing of the past. From judging where some of them are placed, the sooner they are discontinued the better. Recently I had to do a double take when I viewed a unit in the middle of an alley near where I live. Who in their right mind would use an ATM in an alley?
Today's panel, drawn up years ago, was never officially printed until now.

How Well Are You Connected?

In today's Compu-toon, my castaway friends are trying to prepare for a joyful Christmas. They are hoping they will be easily picked up by Santa during his eve travels across the globe. After all, there are not too many beach type Christmas trees with sea shells as ornaments out in the middle of nowhere.
Here's hoping they're not off the radar.