Do Your Computer Support Your Disabilities?
I'm sure we were all amazed at how technology played a big part in this past summer Olympics. It is great to see the performance of a human body excel with the help of technical ingenuity. The Compu-toon's character today  forgot that his ability was not all on his own. We all need support in someway or another.  
Texting And Driving
I have worked on several safety campaigns about texting and driving over the years with The KeyPad Kid Project and have noticed lately certain people still don't get it. It seems certain ones think they truly  can do more than one thing at a time. Today's panel sparked the idea of a phone or texting device to blow up if you try and use it while driving. If only this concept could be safely implemented.
An upgrade I would welcome.
It's Labor Day
In producing today's panel, I was reflecting on Labor Day. A day set aside to honor all workers. The present economic condition is also projected by showing the frustration in the character. Let's bring on positive thinking to help redirect good results.