Are we so into this friend thing on the Internet that we can't recognize them when they are standing right in front of us? I had people say to me "Remember me?...I befriended you on Facebook". It's a strange feeling to hear that and you don't know how to react. At least you know a friend is just a click away.

Being Followed?
The terms that are used on these social networking sites are hilarious. From poke to like, I have no trouble finding ideas for this comic panel. There are slow days and there are fast days. You have to stay on top of it and a few steps ahead to come up with that ideal humor.
Those footsteps are just jokes coming at you.

The Relationship
Whether we like to admit it or not, you are in a relationship when you depend on any type of electronic device. Lock...stock...and barrel. So imagine being separated from those gadgets for a long period of time.
You begin to think jealous thoughts.
Love is so complex.
The computer world is full of terms and descriptions that make you think about something else besides what you should be thinking about. Play of words. Ever since I have known about Fetch, a ftp site, a vision of myself as a boy playing fetch with my dog Rex comes to mind.
Thus today's panel.