Brick and Mortar
Sometimes I over hear conversations that I am not involved in and I can get ideas for Compu-toon that turns out to be a hit. Today's panel is based on a conversation I heard at a grocery store between to women who appear to be close friends. It was a serious talk about the upcoming shopping season. One of the women turned to the other and said "Have you ever been to one of them brick and mortar stores?" I almost ran into a grocery display laughing so hard. No one noticed my escapade for I was low-keyed about it. It made my day.
I have been finding it hard to engage in a productive conversation. Have you notice how scarce it is to find a conversation where you feel like you are giving and receiving at the same time? People are getting so involved in the robotic way of communicating that they have forgotten how a real true conversation is conducted. In today's panel, Murphy is displeased with his new laptop because it doesn't holdup it's end of a good talk.
Here's to the art of talking. Let's bring it Back.

What if your skyping was seen by more people than you think? Today's panel perked the possibility of that happening on a large scale. I have never skyped, but I am sure if I did I would be very uncomfortable knowing the whole country was listening and watching everything. I am sure the networking is there to make this happen.