Have You Ever Point And Click And Your Computer Is Nowhere Around?
Habit forming things can stick with you for awhile. Today's Compu-toon idea stems from a real time experience I had while at my grocery store. I was really involved with my shopping when I started wondering about an event I was suppose to attend. I suddenly had the feeling to point and click in an effort to view my email. 
I don't own any of the handheld devices available to accomplish this so the desire was truly weird. I guess this is called a "point and click" withdrawal.
How Reliable Is Your GPS?
Being directionally challenged, you would think a person like me would have some sort of GPS in their car or on their person. Neither is the case for me. I usually use online map sites like Map Quest before I head out to a location I am uncertain about. Most of the time they are accurate.
I don't ask for directions anymore. My wife is happy about that.
Are You A Browser?
Being a species with the desire to wonder, it's a characteristic we will always have. One thing that perked this idea for today's Compu-toon is how my wife uses her laptop. Here I think when I see her off by herself pecking on the keyboard, she is doing some serious browsing or emailing. One day I decided to walk by her to see what has been holding her interest so long. To my surprise, she is heavily involved in a game of solitaire. 
I guess the urge of browsing skipped my wife somehow.
How Do You Like Your News? Slow or Fast?
Although I like my news fast, I don't want to be overwhelmed. Print is very important to me because it slows the intake of the news down a bit so you can absorb it better. I sometimes like to relish in what I am reading and that depends on the topic. From some kind of sports victory to a great achievement by someone I admire. Speed has its plays... just let me choose the speed limit.
What If You Could Smell Technology?
From recent articles and reports, it seems this science has been introduced. It hasn't been overwhelmingly accepted by the public yet. I guess because the product is still being explored. I'm not one to run out and try to get in line for the latest of anything. I'll wait until the scent, if any, reaches me. In the meantime, I'll keep my gas mask available.