The idea of trying to keep the old and make it work with the new intrigues me. I often try to see if my garage door opener can operate anything in the house or if any remote in the house can operate the garage. You never know until you try. The older couple in today's panel is probably just stubborned and refuse to update their TV model.
For some people, the rabbit ears are still working.
Here is to a happy and joyful Thanksgiving that will be full of great food and good conversations. Let's hope the latter is verbal and not one text is passed at the dinner table.
I have been thinking about updating my computer setup with a better way of communicating with friends and family. Looking at a visual as you are talking has always fascinated me. The two castaways in my panel crossed my mind and made me think of how they would act if they thought a new way to communicate had been discovered. Then it hit's panel.
Irving and Delete are at it again. Confronting the menacing bully the high tech way. There are too many stories about bullying in the news today. Many of them ending in tragic and disbelief.
Let us hope we all learn how to recognize the warning signs and learn from them.
I am in the process of working with old memorable tapes and prints that have captured the yesteryear of my cartoon career. My goal is to create a montage of moments and have them put in a video/audio presentational format for the upcoming 20th anniversary celebration next year. 
Transporting these old things into today's usable new things is frustrating. There is a lot to be said on how this can be done with "no problem".
The world of technology has made us look at standard terms we have been using for years, and think of them differently. Bytes, like, motherboard and surfing are just a few to name. I still don't understand the reasoning behind the function "poke". The word alone makes you think of things.
The panel today emerged through all of this.
I was visiting a computer store the other day and noticed how the keyboards are being altered. It made me think of the uncertainty toward them. Thus today's panel.
Whenever I hear the word "landlines", I think of "landmines". It's the way my mind works. In this case, it can be symbolic. The old is blown up and the new is brought in. Personally, I still have my landline but I know eventually I will have to let it go. If only you could barricade yourself from technology.