Finally The Cavalry Arrives...
But I don't understand a word it says. Must be a language barrier. We all have waited to be rescued, but only to find out there is a communication problem. Let's hope our castaways have a better outcome.
The History
There isn't much to say about today's Compu-toon. I deleted the history to it. Are did I? 
I'm not sure. There is no history I can go by.
Being Followed....
One day I was at Kohl's. I found everything I needed and went to the checkout line. It was crowded so there were uncertainty where the end of the line for checkout ended. It seems no one wanted to claim that they were the end of the line. 
There were suggestions by many sayings "you can go ahead...I do not mind." When I thought about it, it was great to see so much politeness going on. Then it came to me. No one likes to be followed. Thus today's panel.

Are You Challenged By New Apps?
Some of us adjust well to upgrades and new software and some of us do not. I'm one of those who do not. I think it has to do with a person's aptitude. In my case, I just don't like changes period. The desktop I'm writing this blog on has got to be at least 8 years and a few months old. Except for a few forceful upgrades, I have not added on anything new.
I think my inability to accept change stems back from my childhood. This way of thinking sparked today's Compu-toon.
If Only We Think Before We Text
I still can't see why people text so unnecessarily. I was on a commuter train when a young lady and a  preschooler sat in front of me. Out of the blue, she took out her phone and sent a text to the child. She held the viewer up to the kid's face and then read off what she just wrote. They both laughed out loud or should I say LOL.
Maybe there was a visual to it. I'm not sure. The concept for the panel today prompted the idea if only we could see what we will text before we do it. You might see it is not important and not do it. Just a thought.