The world of bodybuilding is fascinating. The ideal concept of what we should look like prompt me to see how Murphy would work react to all this. Like most, he would like the results but not the effort it takes to get there. Today's Compu-Toon.

It's An "E" Thing...
The E-cigarette is back in the news again. It started me thinking about if other products would get into the business of the "E". I remember the days when I tried to smoke and I emphasize the word try. A pack of cigarettes would last me months. This was when I was in the service exploring life and my curiosity.  I smoked only for the light buzz I would feel. 
People like to look cool as they do things. It is just how we are, especially during our teenage years. It would be only natural to follow all of this with an E-beer. Thus today's panel.
The Heart
There is nothing more dearer than to see a boy and his dog greeting each other after a long separation. The series of emotional reconnection of military personnel and their families that is often in the news made me come up with today's panel. Any form of a hug is good for the heart. I am waiting for an app to replace this encounter. After all, we have learned how to "like" electronically.