Another moment with Irving and Delete. It seems a facebook page has been started for the big guy and it is wondering if having a cat friend is okay. From the look on Delete's face, I don't think he favors it. He has a big heart so you never know.
Friendships in dog years are more solid than humans.
Remember those flip phones? The cell phone I did own at one time was a flip one. I thought they were cool. I felt like a secret service agent when closing out a conversation and flipping it closed. Since you can't slam a phone down anymore like you could with the rotary, the flip phone was the only one that gave you the feeling of victory after an angry conversation. You could flip the party off.
Our castaway friend is feeling that moment.
There are so many ways to hold a conversation we do not know how to actually communicate anymore. It is like a kid in a candy store. We want to try everything and in the process lose touch with everyone. There should be better regulations on how many digital tools we should be allowed to have to talk to each other. You would be able to get hold of a person faster if they had one line. I think eventually people will get tired of all the options and go back to basics.
Wishful thinking.

That Arrow Guy
The lady in today's panel most have been very impressed with the service she was getting online from the arrow guy. So much so, she thought she could get the same kind of attention in person. I am sure we can all relate to having that ideal customer service relationship.
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