Establishing Your Password
I am sure everyone can relate to today's panel about those security questions. In visiting the national health care web site, I was amazed at all of the twist and turns of it. The security questions to finalize your password tickled me the most. The experience gave me material to work with.
I still have to go back to the site for another visit.

Today's Compu-toon makes you wonder if the castaway really knows what he has in hand. The strong desire to find a way to get off the island has given him false hope in his imagination.
At least he is constantly trying to find a way to get rescued. If you notice, the other castaway just sit and watch.
Are you a doer or a watcher?
We all know someone who brags about being online but only by talking about it. I think it has to do with making people think that they are computer savvy and knows the latest in the tech field. So much for projections.
The Backup
It is always good to have a backup. Something that has your back. This is how Irving feels in today's comic. Having Delete with him, gives him reassurance and comfort. Bring it on is his attitude. 
You can almost feel invincible with your backup.
The Touch
We all like to feel we have the touch when it comes to our electronic devices. The confidence of knowing your way around all functions and commands. The panel today shows what could happen to reassure us that being in control is mere fantasy. Going past the touch can enhance it.
What's In A Name?...
When Irving, the nephew to Simon, was introduced to the strip, I had know idea where I would be going with him. I needed a younger character to represent the youth and he fit the bill. Where there is a little boy there is a dog. A big dog in this case. Bullying and increased violence in neighborhoods are the reasons for creating Delete. There is a lot in a name.