Do You Need Help In Having A Negative Feeling About Your Balance?

It would be great if terminologies for certain things could be more uplifting. When you go to the doctor and they tell you your results were negative, doesn't that immediately make things look worse? But then you realize you're in a medical environment and the language there is totally opposite. You jump for joy.
Why shouldn't that same angle be used when displaying the conditions of your funds on an ATM monitor.
A robotic voice can say "We're positive you're in the red". This way it brakes the news to you better.

Are You Stuffed Yet?

Today's panel is obviously referring to Thanksgiving and how you can easily get stuffed. Your computer wants you to know that happens to them all the time. Those sluggish moments when that certain file has trouble transferring or the saving function seems to take forever are indication that things are stuffed. Time for file management and deleting things that are not needed.
Don't you get stuffed today. Try and enjoy your blessed meal without getting indigestion.
Enjoy your day.

Do You Socialize Well On Social Networks?

I've never been a person who looked for a crowd to make me feel wanted or needed. Long before social networking, I have always been my own self and in some cases a model that some may try to imitate.
Social networking is a little different. You can't see them and they can't see you unless of course you send photos and things. It's easy to stretch the truth on these networks and that should be a flag to warn you immediately not to believe a lot of what you read. You can get caught up in it.
My social networking is for business only. It helps to move promotional information pertaining to things I'm involved in. 
My own self image is very hard to project on these networks so I must come across as very dull. I've noticed that no one has tried to imitate me lately.

Are You Still Holding On To Your Landline Phone?

I find it hard to believe that the landline phone has become another dinosaur. I still have mine and will hold on to it as long as I can. It doesn't have all those features on it which can detour you from it's main purpose. It also reminds you not to wonder off for the cord has got your back. You'll never end up driving and talking on a landline phone.

Are You A Pack Rat When It Comes To File Management?

If you were to see my desktop right now, you would immediately wonder how do I know where things are? I have file folders on top of each other and all kinds of graphic elements here and there so much so you can barely see the beautiful floral picture I have as a desktop screen saver.
I'm normally fairly neat and can not understand why I'm not more tidy than I am. I guess I will continue to conduct  things this way until I misplace or lose a very vital file or content.
Being aware of this short coming, let's me know that I have recognized it.
The first sign of overcoming it.

Do Phone Cards Do More Than What They Were Created For?

I was watching the movie Enemy Of The State the other day and started wondering how much data is on us out here. The picture is so big it would be hard to wrap your mind around it. Now when you even sneeze someone will know about it. The big brother operation has been in play for years but now it's on steroids.
Instruments like phone cards, driver's licenses, and anything with a bar code are becoming more saturated with personal data.
The next time I use my phone card I'll block it's view by covering the front of it with my thumb.

How Comfortable Are You With Your Retirement Data?

I remember when my father retired and the image that sticks in my mind was him coming home with a slight grin and announcing the news. He handed Momma an over sized envelope...gave her a kiss, and went to his chair in the living room to take a nap. He loved his naps. There were no tech tools around to help remind him of how his retirement plans were going. He relied on his company to do that.
What a difference years make.
We have become overly saturated with tech data about what we have coming in our golden years. Like the panel today indicated, I'm thinking about plan B.

Every Dialing Is Speed Dialing Now.

There used to be a time when speeding dialing was an exceptional feature on phones. Now every call can be swifted and direct. Sort of mimicking the patterns and pathways the industry is blazing through to keep us on the fast track. I really never find the need to call up a number or make a call in such a fashion. I think about my calls before I make them. That way I won't regret anything I might say during a converstion. I think before I speak.
With speed improving, I will need to think faster.

How Upgraded Are Your Ideas?

Competition in today's world is more frightful than ever. With the global population tripling every five years or so, you really have to stay on your game if you want to succeed. I had never heard of the term upgrading until this digital era introduced it to us and now I use it a lot to describe my daily advances.
The panel today has Murphy wondering why his thoughts and ideas are not being recognized. This concept comes from my personal battle of constantly trying to prove that some of the ideas I'm working on are workable.
People can only see what you see. The objective is to project your visual so it's in the most highest level of resolution. Like ideas seems to be popping up as a flickering candle instead of a high voltage light bulb.
I need another upgrade.

Non-Sense Technical Instructions

Today's Compu-toon panel tried to poke fun at the non-sense instructions you can find when dealing with hi and low technical instruments. A friend of mine recently landed a project manager position at a highly visible utility company and his first project was to re-program the company's voice system...the program that tells you to push 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
He indicated that not all scenarios that do come up in a conversation can and will be covered. It's just not logical. He went on to say there are misdirect information fed into these systems that later cause a problem
and they are very seldom corrected. So much for perfect instructions.

The Cutting Edge

Being on the cutting edge of technology has always been my profile. I like to think of myself as "on top of it" or "part of the mainframe". I'd like to think of myself as such. The swiftness of today's technical achievements have made me think differently and question my progress.
I've fallen along the waste side and can't get up. The cutting edge of technology has become my Holy Grail.

Heads Up To "Drop Calls"

Since I still don't depend on a cell phones, my landline is my main tool for communication. I get calls from all over where people are driving through a dead zone or they hit a spot on the planet where no kind of transmitting is allowed. Now my landline is experiencing all sorts of weird sounds and moisture on the line.
I tried to pick the brain of a tech geek friend of mine about how all this works and I walked away with nothing. I believe I had a drop conversation while taking with him. I should have expected that.