How Do You Handle Foul Text Messages?

At this point, I don't actually text. The closest thing to it is the instant messaging and that can be fun. My practice on how I take on rude behaviors in real time stands the same in the tech world. I would immediately discipline the sender without any hesitation. What one person call vulgar may not be so to another so there is a fine line on how to approach this.
To me foul words are foul words. Filter preferences helps out a lot to prevent experiencing these uncomfortable moments. To bad we can't mute inappropriate text messages yet.

Do You Give In To Unrealistic Websites?

Whenever I sit down in front of my computer I make sure my blinders are on. If I don't, I will be swaying all over the place browsing here and browsing there and before you know it you are in places you should not be. Places like where Irma is in today's Compu-toon. This behavior mimics how life is. If you are not sure where you are going and you do not have any goals or directions, you will start dabbing into a lot of things and end up in the wrong place.  
The key point to all this is to make sure your blinders fit well. You don't want any temptation leaking in.