It seems our little crusader is gathering proof about the problems he is facing with bullying. Today's panel hopes to encourage anyone who is experiencing bully to find a way to prove that you are going through this and show it to the proper people who will be able to help. This could be online or off. 
Do not let bullying win over you. Show them up.
Usernames & Passwords
 Two of the most controlling elements today. Anytime you have to access things that are important to you, these two guys always show up. I'm waiting for the moment to arrive when I go to a public restroom and I am asked for them there. Although, I am suppose to have all of this info put away somewhere, I need a password to find out where I placed them. I went through a scary moment a few days ago when my computer crashed and I lost all of my files. It was not a fun moment. 
Because of my local networking connection, I found a place nearby that was able to recover everything. I couldn't believe it. These guys were great.
I am more adamant at backing up things now.
Have We Met?
I am sure you have experienced being in a gathering somewhere and someone approaches you and say "Have We Met?...I overheard you mentioning your name and it sounds familiar". You realize they are someone you connected with while on the Internet. You feel the need to communicate but nothing is there. The virtual world is confusing our real world. Maybe that's why the poke function remind us of this.
Split Personalities
It would be great if technology helped us in our inner recognitions. What if we could capture images of our different moods and personalities? It could help us learn more about ourselves. In a sense, I have several personalities I would love to get to know. Today's panel finds the humor in it all.
People still have trouble understanding how to use the email function. They better hurry up. Other forms of communicating is building and email, as we know it, will soon be obsolete. Texting has already stolen the show. Our character in today's Compu-toon has no clue and is totally lost in the world around him. Somebody better email him and tell him to catch up. Make sure he replies.
Drag & Drop
Do you ever get the feeling you are being moved around without your permission? You are involved in one thing, and all of a sudden you find yourself doing something else, and you have no idea how you got there. It happens to me a lot. You don't have to be computer savvy to experience this.
Simon finds himself in this predicament in today's panel.
I have been zeroing in on the topic communication lately and how society is changing drastically in that department. Remember the movie "The Time Machine" with Rod Taylor? The machine takes Taylor way into the future and he ends up in a culture where everyone is walking around like zombies and  governed by a loud horn sound. It was only when Taylor came within their midst that they started talking among themselves. They were puzzled who was the strange visitor.
Are we becoming zombies? There are fewer conversations being held among us because we are so involved with our andriods and cell phones. I can see that society that Taylor visited becoming a reality. Let's talk more.
Simon has been texting so long he is startled when he is approached directly in a conversation. The strip keeps going back to the evolution of how we are gradually moving from person to person to digital relationships. Compu-toon is truly helping us to stay abreast of the changes and how we are reacting to them. My wife, who is not that crazy about computers, is showing signs of addiction toward texting. This is scary.