Your Computer Is Limited
What brought on the idea for today's panel is the coming to grips that the computer is limited. There are certain things you still won't find the answers you've been looking for. What is Love? What does GOD look like? Where's that needle in the haystack?
Certain knowledge is not to be.

Is Your Smartphone Smarter Than You?
There is a reason the industry that created the smartphone gave it such an intimidating name. They know the average person will feel swamped in the intellect category. There should be some kind of warning on the package indicating the IQ levels it is targeting. That way it would be a fair game.
How Does Technology Embrace Your Friends?
It may sound strange, but I truly think enjoying a good conversation with an old friend comes off better when using old technology like a landline rotary phone. It sets the feel of a conversation about the good old days. It's like listening to old tunes on an old radio. Today's Compu-toon expresses this.