Smart Again...
Anyone who is over thirty-five should be able to relate to today's Compu-toon. It is a given that a younger person knows more about computer gadgets than an older person. At least, that used to be how people thought years ago. Irma still seems to think this way. 
We all now know that age has very little to do with how one comprehends this digital adventure. No one knows where technology is taken us, but it seems we are all willing to go there. So we all should stay smart and learn as much as you can.
You ever been mistaken for something that you are not? I know I have. It seems Delete is experiencing this in today's panel. Irving is constantly trying to cater to the big guy's every need since he helps him take care of the bully problems. Keep an eye on the panel to see what kind of bully problems they get into.
Just For Fun
I would imagine hanging around on a deserted island can cause one to create fun. This is what one of the castaways did to brake the boredom. If you notice, he is always the one trying to figure out how to get off the island. The other one just sits there and observes.
Which one are you? The doer or the observer?
School's  End...
In today's panel, Irving is concerned that Delete will not have enough bullies to do whatever he does with them. He doesn't want boredom to set in. Knowing Irving, he is probably thinking about special ordering some. Stay tune.
Time Off
Do you ever wonder what those passwords do on their time off. I know it's trivial but curious. Today's panel is stretching the possibilities and it is fun to analyze it.
Everything needs a little R & R.