I recently visited a local high school to talk to some very creative students about cartooning and the industry itself. To test the pulse of where their minds were, I first asked them "How many of you have ever used a telephone booth"? To my surprise, no one raised their hands. Well..part of me was surprised and part of me was not.
I try to imagine sometimes how the world was before the industrial revolution and do a mental comparison with today's digital age. I am sure there are striking resemblance.
One good thing is the meaning of Christmas has not changed. 
With all the buzz about selfies, it was just a matter of time before it would be included in a current panel. Being vain is a quality we all display by different degrees so this selfie phase has always been with us. We just gave it a name. 
There will be more tech functions and toys that will be coming our way. A Dick Tracy watch called "Smartwatch" has been the latest. The adventure continues.
The theme for today's comic panel is base on an actual encounter. I was at a local grocery store getting ready to checkout when I notice a short stubby man trying to get the attention of a clerk. He seemed upset and needed some answers. I overheard some of the conversation where he thought his groceries were misplaced. I then heard some complaints about Peapod, the Internet grocery shopper. I heard enough to LOL.
Drooling over the Drones
It is really hard to comprehend these things. Out of all the latest devices that have derived during this technical period, these drones are the most mind-blowing of all. When this science is truly perfect, can you imagine how busy the airwaves will be? Scary.
I wonder if they will be able to ring the door bell?