Do You Feel That Everything Is About You In This Digital World?

Today's Compu-toon has Murphy looking at a showcase of wePhones. I'm sure right a way you will see where the concept is coming from. The society is becoming more self centered than ever before. What's in it for me mentality is the game plan of the universe.
Communication should be about exchanging conversations and ideas freely  without hesitations and concerns. It seems technology is helping to encourage the "me" approach by introducing products like iPhones and apps that require customized setups. Why can't we all just be one?

Are You Always Being Warned That Your Disk Is Full?

You're in the middle of working on a masterful project with great graphics and streamers and all of a sudden you get flashed with the warning "Your Disk Is Full".
That really disturbs my creativity. You would think they would have invented a system by now that took care of space problems for lazy and unconcerned people like myself. My mind is far from making sure that every piece of element I work with is at the right size and capacity to make the final composed file easy to travel through the various systems.
When will the ultimate computer ever be invented? I can't wait for that day. I hope my mental disk isn't full when it arrives.


The year before 9-11 I was at a cartoonist convention in New York and guess where it was held. The World Trade Center. I remember making a mental comment about the towers on how flimsy they looked especially the exterior of them.
I had bought a new camcorder and was being a complete tourist while I was filming the outside and gathering footage of things before 9-11 happened. It is very strange seeing and listening to people I had briefly met while there.
We can only hold on to their memories and remember GOD is in control.

Do You Ever Feel Your Password Leaves You On A Deserted Island?

If the world was an honest place, we wouldn't need passwords. So much for pipe dreaming. I am always wrestling with passwords making me to settle with the same password for everything. It works to a certain extent but become a bother when you are forced to use another email address.
I can't wait when fingerprint scanning becomes the norm.