Are You Allergic To Technology?
The concept of today's panel is something a lot of people can relate. Especially office workers. How they use toner today may be a little different compared to a few years ago. The humor just reminds us of how we allow technology to enter our world and make fun of us. I still get hives when I experience a pop-up ad.
Being Forced To Upgrade
I am always upset about being forced to change or as they put it "upgrade". Don't get me wrong. I believe in improvements and making things better but not as often as we are told. Let one procedure sauteed a little before removing it from the stove. I'm not sure why technology is so much in a hurry. Complacent is not that bad.
The Fork In The Road
Today's panel is a rework from a previous concept. The phrase a "fork in the road" in itself is a funny thing. I do remember when I was a kid and heard it I would wonder if there really was a fork out there. You can imagine my curiosity around every turn whenever I would ride with my dad along the back roads of Tennessee.
Do Your Browsing Of Thoughts Need Extra Room?
Today's panel calls on a reader to stretch their imagination. It's a thought provoking concept. Anyone knows you can't use another person's mind to think out your thoughts. Remember...this is a cartoon.

How Comfortable Are You When Talking On A Picture Phone?
Are you concerned about taking a snap-shot of your ear by mistake?