Unwanted Text
I am sure we have all sent a text or two that doesn't really express our true feelings. In today's panel, Irma is trying to explain to her recipient the text she sent is half true. If only there was a way to alter a text during its transmitting. There would be a lot of mind changing in mid air.
The Twitch...
I am sure we all can relate to today's panel. It is almost like dodge ball while you are roaming the world wide web. You never know how you are going to get hit. You have to prepare yourself.

Irma's View
Having been raised with several sisters when I was small, I tend to be partial to the contributions women bring to the table. My character Irma was molded around one of my oldest sisters, Irma Goodman. I am not sure why her personality came up while I was creating the character but I am glad it did. My other sisters were blessed with great personalities too. In today's panel, she is projecting her opinion about the state of how things would be if women were included more. 
Thanks Irma for being you.
Whatever man invents or create, there is a wear and tear policy to go with it. Things wear down and needs to be replace. There are times when improvements are forced upon us and things can become very annoying. Upgrading is an operational standard that insist on making our computer devices better.
Sometimes it helps and sometimes it hinders. Your system may not be in need of an upgrade yet. It still feel smart.
A day honoring Mothers provoked me to think of how technology can be affected. The term motherboard continues to pop up whenever the theme mother is pondered.
Have a blessed memorable day.

Cursive Writing
PBS is constantly keeping the problem out front of how cursive writing is getting lost in today's mix. People don't use cursive writing enough... especially young people. Some know how but just don't use it. Today's Compu-toon is trying to show support in getting the younger minds among us to go back to a writing form that has been the source of communication since we all can remember.
Out of all the computer functions, the send button scares me the most. I am very protective of whatever I write and would like to coach it to its destination. It is almost like my message is on training wheels and I am running along side it to keep it going in the right direction. Soon...I will have to release it. Then in comes the send button, which I have no control over.