Do You Still Find Identity Theft A Problem? will always be a problem. I am even more leery than ever. Whenever those enticing ads present themselves across the screen and tell me I've won a free laptop or a vacation in Hawaii, the first thing that crosses my mind is entrapment. Who knows how many laptops and trips to Hawaii I might have truly won if that cloud of disbelief did not hang over the excitement of using the Internet.
I do not go as far as covering my face like the guy in today's panel but there is a mental disguise that I make sure is in place while I browse.

Are We Being Forced To Go Completely Digital?

I am not sure if it's me or not...but I have this feeling I am being told that if I do not start using all these various digital toys and services they have out here I will be left behind and possibly be fined or imprisoned or both. Do not we have the freedom of "low-tech rights"?
I am sick of being informed by companies that I must get used to their online services. Do not mention their robotic voice systems. I find myself actually yelling at those digital operators. I have to catch myself and remember it's not human. There must be a better way to handle these transitional periods so we will not feel like someone has us in a headlock.

You Ever Wondered How To Get Back To The Main Menu?

Ever so often I go way out on a limb about something and once I am out there I begin to have doubts. Having doubts when you are in the midst of something that is going to turn your world upside down is not a go thing.
My parents always taught us as kids "whenever you are not sure about something...go back to basics". I am always going back to basics. I guess that means I am not very optimistic.
Hm-m-m, where's the main menu.

Miss The Old Way Of Gossiping?

No matter how advance we get in ways of communicating, there will always be the yearning desire to orally express your opinion about something or someone. Texting is the way things are transported now but there is a lot that is not covered in this new way of gossiping. Those moments and styles of word handling will never be picked up by digital transactions. Technology is still a baby so those characteristics that are needed to gossip really right will not take hold for years to come. Until then, let's all find an old water cooler and do it the old fashion way.